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Llive chat on “The State”
Earlier this morning, Big Show did a live chat on “The State”, you can check out what people asked and what he had to say below!

Comment From Guest
Hey Paul This is Sally Long an old classmate. My son is a great fan of yours and we go to many events in Charlotte and Greensboro to see you

The Big Show:
Hi Sally, how old is your son now? Thanks for the support of our events! Will you be coming to the show tonight?

Comment From Randall
How did you get your first big break? When did you know that wrestling was for you?

The Big Show:
My first big break was when Danny Bonaducci introduced me to Hulk Hogan in the fall of 94′ and I knew wrestling was for me and I was always a fan as a kid, but when I first walked on stage in Detroit for the very first time and I heard the roar of the crowd…then I knew!


The Big Show:
Thanks Dale, great memories on my end. Hope you guys are all doing well!

Comment From Johnny
Is there a favorite meal or restaurant you have to have when you come back home?

The Big Show:
Yea, any place that has good Hash, sweet tea and peach cobbler….but I don’t think my waistline needs the sweet tea, or peach cobbler!

Comment From austin
big show wil lyou be wrestling tonight?

The Big Show:
Yes! I’ll be taking on Mark Henry for the World Heavyweight Championship at Colonial Life Arena!

Comment From Ryan
Carolina or Clemson fan?

The Big Show:
I’m Carolina all the way, although my family is split down the middle.

Comment From Matthew
Hey Big Show! Did you ever pass through or have any memories of/in the town of Gilbert? Haha, just wondering. Also what do you miss most about SC? How about some Shealys BBQ? Haha

The Big Show:
Yea, I remeber the Christmas tournament and Gilbert H.S., seems like every year we played in that. Definitely miss the BBQ and sitting under a Pecan tree drinking sweet tea and telling lies…ha

Comment From Matt Thorpe
Where is your favourite place outside the USA to perform at Show?

The Big Show:
It’s really hard to pick a favorite place, I’ve been to so many great places and every country has so many unique things to offer. Honestly, I really like being at home on my couch with my dog since we’re on the road so much. But, beer in Germany, sushi in japan, and Poutine (gravy over french fries…awesome), English breakfast….I rate places on food!

Comment From Frank
Urban Meyer to Ohio State, is that a good or a bad move?

The Big Show:
I read books….

Comment From SolaceWinter
Have you gotten your copy of The Alloy of Law yet?

The Big Show:
Yes, I do have my copy and I also have it on audio book for my trip to Japan tomorrow! Brandon Sanderson fans rock!

Comment From Drew
what does it mean to be on the list of the 25 greatest big men of all time?

The Big Show:
It’s weird, I don’t think about things like that…never been an accolade kind of guy. I’m more interested in my next match, I still feel like I’m in the middle of trying to get better everyday. I’m flattered honestly and there were a lot of great big men before me and a lot of great ones after me.

Comment From Laura
If you could pick any opponent past or present who would it be? What kind of match? Thankyou

The Big Show:
Alexander the Great….in a steel cage match!….kidding, I’d have love to tested myself against Andre the Giant in a straight up match with submissions or pinfalls, no gimicks just to see us going together would be great.

Comment From Bo
Paul, this is Bo Williams. I played basketball against you in high school when I was at Richard Winn. Thrilled you’re doing so well. We played at WKA in your last home game. I thikn you dropped 50 on us. Bad night.

The Big Show:
I remember you Bo…nice sweet outside jump shot. I thought it was a good night though!

Comment From Ryan
Do wrestlers actually pay attention to fans’ signs during shows?

The Big Show:
Actually, I do. Some of the fans signs are very fun….i.e., Big Show is my dad, Big Show ate my other son….we actually talk about who got more signs each night and we talk about that. You do get noticed

Comment From Philip_Greece
Have you ever visited Greece or plan to?

The Big Show:
Never been there, but I’d like to…it’s on my bucket list…love Feta, and Greek food, plus I married a Greek….so I have to go!

Comment From Lola
What is your favorite home-cooked meal?

The Big Show:
Meatloaf, Mash potatoes, acorn squashed…mashed up, cream of mushroom soup and coconut cream pie for desert.

Comment From Michael
Big Show, You are 40 next year, how many more years do you think you can compete in the ring?

The Big Show:
I may be 40 in February but I don’t feel 40! I’ll be doing this as long as I feel I can compete and I feel great now.

Comment From abey34
Do you plan on having a handle-bar moustache again?

The Big Show:
Thinking about it…only so much you can do with a Bald head….maybe I’ll go on one of those reality shows and do a makeover, ha

Comment From erlend9393
greetings from Norway! keep up the good work! soon u will be the new champion! will u ever visit us in Norway?

The Big Show:
Thanks for the support! We’ll probably make it there eventually!

Comment From LitaLoverr
Who is your favorite Diva of all time ?

The Big Show:
Trish Stratus!

Comment From Paul D Mitchell
Big Show do you think D Bryan is good enough to be World Champion ?

The Big Show:
Absolutely, he’s talented and committed and that’s what it takes..plus intensity.

Comment From Philip_Greece
Latest film you saw and liked?

The Big Show:
Haven’t been too many lately…just saw immortals and I liked it when Zeuz kicked ass.

Comment From Martin
When you did the impersonations of other characters, who was your favourite to do?

The Big Show:

Comment From Dave
Could you ever work anywhere else than WWE?

The Big Show:
Wal-Mart’s hiring…I’d be a great greeter…why, do you know something I don’t???/

Comment From Lars
Hey Show! Big fan here. Who was the toughest to lift for the choke slam that you can recall?

The Big Show:
Probably Big Daddy V….he’s just such a big man

Comment From DaveUK
What does it feel like to walk out from behind that curtain at Wrestlemania?

The Big Show:
It’s exhilirating! Combo of walking out of an arena entrance as a gladiator in Roman times and the adrenaline that spikes through your system takes all the aches, pain, traveling out of your system….your pupils are dialated and your just so pumped up. Probably the single greatest moment of being alive!

The Big Show:
I’ve got time for two more….but make sure you come to Colonial Life Arena tonight to see me take on Mark Henry and all the WWE Superstars!

Comment From Stephen
Who is your hero?

The Big Show:
My hero would be my dad. Father’s have that unique ability to influence their kids with strength and work ethic and he had both of those things.

Comment From erlend9393
who is your favorite tag team partner?

The Big Show:
Gotta be Kane! We were unstoppable together and I like him as a partner….Miz was annoying, Jericho was grumpy….Jericho used to always tell me to put my glasses on as I couldn’t read anything..

The Big Show:
All right ladies and germs, thanks for tuning in and looking forward to having a great show tonight! Don’t forget to tell the people you love, how much you love them and come see us tonight!

Thanks to The Big Show and all you folks for joining us today for this live Q&A. Great questions and great answers. Come out to the live event tonight – The WWE Raw SuperShow at the Colonial Life Arena. The show starts at 8:15 p.m. Tickets range from $16 to $61.

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