Show reflects on a year of progress
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Show reflects on a year of progress
GREENVILLE, S.C. -- Although he didn't win the Royal Rumble match, the event was still an important one for the Big Show. It marked the one-year anniversary of his full-time return to the World Wrestling Federation, after spending five months at Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW) on a rehab assignment. The day after participating in the Rumble match, the Big Show reflected on what he has accomplished since returning to the Federation at the 2001 Royal Rumble.

"It's been a year of growing," Show told "It's been a good year, and it's been good to get back in the flow. I'm happy I'm still at an upward pace, continuing to lose weight and continuing to get better in the ring. My rapport with the guys in the back seems to be getting better. Now I just want to keep going uphill, just like the little engine that could -- I think I can, I think I can, I think I can."

The Royal Rumble has always been a big event for Show. Besides making his return last year, Show actually won the Royal Rumble Match -- albeit in controversial fashion -- in 2000 at Madison Square Garden.

"My favorite Rumble was when I had the whole controversy with The Rock," he said. "I really did win that Rumble because his foot did hit the mat first, but I never got the fame for it. But at least I did get the shot at WrestleMania."

Although he didn't play a huge role in the outcome of this year's Rumble, Show says he was still proud to be a part of the event, and that he was impressed by the show as a whole.

"I thought it was a tremendous Rumble," he said. "I liked the tension between Triple H and Stone Cold; I thought that was exciting. I think Undertaker sent a message to everybody in the camp not to be the one to eliminate Undertaker, because he beat the poor hell out of Maven! Not that he maybe didn't deserve it, but I thought that was a really good segment. The segment with Hurricane was extremely funny too. It was a great match between Rock and Jericho, good match with Edge and Regal.

"A lot of guys worked their ass off yesterday, and it showed."

Speaking of asses, it was just days ago on SmackDown! when Show picked up the man with the largest ass in the Federation -- Rikishi -- and carried the 400-pounder to the ropes, throwing him over the top. Fans and superstars alike were impressed by Show's incredible feat of strength.

"That's not something I would want to do every day, believe me," Show laughed. "It was a spot that I thought would get with the theme of the Rumble. You've got to dump guys over the top, and that's a situation where I can accent some of the things that only I can do.

"And coincidentally, Kane did the same thing to me in the Rumble match. So there's your real test -- Rikishi is 400, I am 500. So there's a new bull in the yard, and his name is Big Red!"

With his one-year return now behind him, Big Show now looks forward to the February Pay-Per-View, No Way Out, which marks another important milestone for him -- three years since making his Federation debut. He says he has high hopes for his fourth year as a Federation Superstar.

"Hopefully I will just keep doing well, and make it back to the top," he said.

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