Bigger, Badder Show?
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Bigger, Badder Show?
At first look, it appears as if the working relationship between The Big Show and the Undertaker heavily favors the Lord of Darkness. The Phenom is very open about the way in which he is using The Show to bring about "Armageddon" in the Federation… and the way in which he plans to "stab" The Show "in the heart" when the end result is achieved. In fact, many are beginning to wonder why The Show is in this situation to begin with.
Actually, the reason is simple…
The Undertaker is the best damn teacher in the World Wrestling Federation, whether he knows it or not.
Hell, if there's anybody in the Federation that knows about success, it's the Undertaker. A multiple time Federation Champion, the Undertaker definitely has scads of knowledge, all of which could help The Big Show to achieve bigger and better things. Although The Show has had a great deal of success in the Federation over the last six months, he still hasn't made the transition to becoming a consistent main-event superstar. It makes perfect sense that The Show has chosen to ally himself with one of the greatest figures in Federation history, regardless of the Undertaker's dark plans and visions.
The Big Show is still in his twenties, and he has a long career ahead of him, a career that can only be helped by learning from one of the best. Now that The Show is stepping in the Undertaker's demonic footsteps, it's likely that the 500-pounder will rise through the Federation's ranks at a pace unmatched by any of his peers.
The Undertaker has already explained that he has chosen The Big Show because he has the killer instinct that The Phenom so needs to complete his dark plans. This is an attribute that can't be learned, and it's one that the Show has in spades. In fact, The Show is so dangerous that the Lord of Darkness has chosen him as a disciple, rather than Kane, the Undertaker's own brother. Personally, I think that the Undertaker should be vary of his charge, else The Show opt to plunge the proverbial knife into his erstwhile teacher's heart when the learning process is complete.
While the uneasy alliance between The Big Show and the Undertaker is destined to dissolve in the near future, it's a working relationship that will no doubt benefit both parties involved. The rest of the Federation had better beware… after the Undertaker's Armageddon has run its course, every single superstar will have to deal with an even Bigger, Badder Show.
Категория: Articles | Добавил: BIG_SHOW (2007-01-23) | Автор: Brian Lutz
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