Corporate Loyalty... or Nightmare?
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Corporate Loyalty... or Nightmare?
Stop me if you've heard this one: What do you feed an angry bear?
Answer: Anything it wants.
Let's try another variation...
What do you feed an angry Paul Wight?
Answer: The World Wrestling Federation Championship.
Not laughing? Good. You shouldn't be. Nobody enters the World Wrestling Federation expecting second best, least of all a seven-foot monster. It just doesn't happen. To put it bluntly-second s*ucks. From the first-year rookie to longtime veterans, all have high hopes of one day wearing the grandest prize in the sport. For some, it takes years of hard work and dedication. For an athlete as big as Wight, you usually don't ask twice.
Don’t kid yourself. Wight wants nothing more than to be the Federation Champion. For someone who possesses his size, ability and star quality, it’s nothing short of inetivable. Is he a team player? In this sport, there’s no such thing. Alliances are made for the end result of money and power, and no one can ever argue that fact. It’s that simple. Some say there’s no "I" in "team," but that doesn’t mean you can’t switch some letters around to spell "me."
You certainly can’t blame Wight for his actions of late. After all, when a superstar free agent is brought in and given the star treatment from Federation officials, it can only fuel than enormous ego.
From day one, he's made it abundantly clear he wants to be recognized as the top contender. Forget about waiting his turn-who in their right mind would tell him to stand in line? That is, of course, unless they want him to step over them-or on them, for that matter! Instead, he went straight for the superstar at the front of the line-Stone Cold Steve Austin-and had it not been for the steel cage, Wight might have launched him through the concrete walls of the arena. First impressions speak volumes, and the sound of the Rattlesnake nearly getting decapitated at the Pay-Per-View was loud and clear.
First there was Austin, then Mick Foley the following night on RAW from the top of a steel ladder, costing him the championship to The Rock. Was the mammoth the new poster child for Team Corporate? On the surface it appeared that way in McMahon's private office as the big man received the royal treatment. Within a two-day period, Wight had single-handedly changed the course of the Federation-and he was more than happy to take credit for handing back the gold on a silver platter to the Rock.
Life lesson No. 1: Don't bite the hand that feeds you. Even though The Rock and Wight set up Foley the following week by pretending to get in a scuffle, did you notice the "corporate eyebrow" raised at Wight following their shoving match? Obviously, the newcomer put a little extra force into his shoves than The Rock felt was necessary, perhaps planting the seed for what may lie ahead.
This brings up an interesting point-can Mr. McMahon trust Paul Wight? Vince owns the company, obviously, but does Paul run the corporation? Who would question HIS motives? The Big Boss Man? Test? Ken Shamrock? Not a chance! Wight offers the one thing the owner has wanted more than anything in life and that's to be rid of Austin. Rub the big man's back and he'll rub out the Rattlesnake. What if down the road Wight decides the deal isn't sweet enough? How much would Mr. McMahon be willing to give in return for the extermination of his worst enemy? A new house? A new car? Perhaps& Wight wants to be the one to crumble The Rock.
What if Vince doesn't see it that way? When you first meet someone as large as Wight, his personality isn't the first thing that comes to mind. As he did with Kane, would Mr. McMahon make the mistake of assuming his latest acquisition is a piece of meat? Never judge a book by the cover, because Wight wouldn't be in the position he's in if he wasn't a very shrewd businessman. His services came with a hefty price tag-and probably other company perks. Someone seven feet tall probably doesn't take orders very well.
One might even go out on a limb and say that Wight has never had a problem bending people to his will. The question is: Can one of the most influential leaders in entertainment be swayed by his own employee?
Under normal circumstances, probably not. But in an era with the Ministry of Darkness threatening to take control of the Federation, perhaps the owner could be made to see things Wight’s "way" if the situation gets too dangerous for McMahon. In the big picture it’s a necessity for Vince to have Paul in Team Corporate. After all, what better defense to have against the Undertaker’s army than a superstar as big as a wall?
You might say it’s a case of the dog walking the owner. No matter who has the gold-be it Austin or The Rock-there isn’t a chokechain big enough Mr. McMahon could possibly fit around Wight’s neck. He isn’t here to be a babysitter or hired protection, and he certainly isn’t corporate material. You’ll never see him in an Armani suit-and not just because it’s tough to find a size 56 long. The only one he is truly loyal to is himself. Wight is on his own time-he’s been in group setting before and he knows the score.
Out of blind hatred for Stone Cold, maybe Vince believes Wight will play the game by his rules. But not once has the newcomer ever came out and pledged his allegiance to Team Corporate!
Life Lesson No. 2: Never assume anything. Simply put, the superstar is going to do what he wants, with or without his employer’s consent, and that includes going after the World Wrestling Federation Championship.
When will it be feeding time for the Federation’s nastiest bear? Only Paul Wight knows that answer.
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