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Giant Interview
Webmaster's Note: This interview was conducted when Paul was in WCW.
Interview Credit: The Union Of The Diamond Cutters
This week, we are happy to bring yet another guest to spend some time with the Union Of The Diamond Cutters. One of Diamond Dallas Page's "running buddies" on the road is none other than Paul Wight, "The Giant". I caught Diamond Dallas on the phone at the suite he shared with the Giant in Peoria, Illinois before a local house show. Page asked the Giant to spend some time with us
RichInKC: One of the most significant events in your career was your decision to leave the nWo what brought you to that decision?
Giant: I think one of the main things was frustration. I wanted to be part of something because for much of my life I had been an outcast. Once I was in the nWo, I realized I was nothing but an errand boy and an enforcer for the nWoand that is not what I am about.
RichInKC: What do you mean when you say you were an outcast?
Giant: I have always been so much bigger than anyone else a freak my whole life. I was 6 foot 9 in the 8th grade. When you are 6 foot 9at 14 years old, have chest hair and shave, you are a freak. The stigmatism that I grew up with as a kid has carried over into my adult life, and probably made me a little more aggressive than I should be in some areas.
RichInKC: Lets switch gear a little bit, what are your plans in the future in wrestlingnotice I didn't limit that to WCW
Giant: For me right now, my plans are to re-group and get re-organized in my mind. To try to separate myself from tag situations and re-condition myself to pursue the World Title.
RichInKC: Do you want to be the man?
Giant: Not only do I want to be the man, but I think someday I will be the man.
RichInKC: Ever thought of hitting another federation.
Giant: I think right now, the number one competition and the number one money source for me right now is WCW. If that changes, I can guarantee you that I will hunt down money and competition elsewhere.
RichInKC: Page has told me endless stories about you scaring the heck out of people and going to the top rope in the gym at the Power Plantwhen can we expect to see a Giantsault?
Giant: When everything else stop working. When the choke slams and the head butts don't work, then I will go to it. It's not the kind of thing I want to use for entertainment value. I will use it when I need it.
RichInKC: I am sure a lot of your fans would like to know, what does the Giant do when he is not on the road?
Giant: I live in Florida with my wife. Our first child (a girl) is due October 7th. I just go home and be a family man. Mow the lawn andstuff.
RichInKC: So, do you two have a name picked out?
Giant: Sierra Marie. My wife picked it out, believe me I had nothingto do with it. She is the one with the brains in this outfit.
Webmaster's Note: Paul Wight is divorced now, I havn't heard anything else about his situation.
RichInKC: Thanks for your time, Paul.
Ted DiBiase one week, the Giant the nextwho knows who will stop bynext. Hope we can keep the surprises coming. Later, Cutters.
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