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One on One with the Giant from Game Informer Magazine
Do you own a game station? If so, what are some of your favorite games?
I sure do. I own them all, PlayStation, Saturn, Nintendo 64. I got everything. My favorite game is of course, NWO World Tour, and I like Panzer Dragon.
Of all the wrestlers you battle, who do you feel brings out your greatest inner talents?
Sting without a doubt. Sting's such a talented athlete, and he's so diversified, he's strong, and he's got a good heart, he's so athletic. When I wrestle Sting, I know without a doubt I've gotta have my boots laced up tight.
Who's the greatest wrestler of all time?
That's a tough one. I woud have to go of course with the legends Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan.
How about the greatest tag team partnership?
The greatest tag team partnership without a doubt is the Steiner Brothers. They are the best of all time.
Tell the aspiring grapplers out there how you got your start in professionsl wrestling?
I got my start in professional wrestling through Danny BVonaduce, and I did a charity even where I was a mystery basketball player in a charity halftime event between Hulk Hogan and Jimmy Hart. It was a local radio station event Danny was doing with the Chicago Rockers, which was the CBA team in chicago.
During a match, you guys come in pretty close contact with each other. So...who's the worst-smelling man in the WCW?
It's me! Thats why I'm the big stinky Giant! I do'nt wash my outfit on purpose 'cause I do'nt wanna smell good. When I'm in the ring, it's business. The more I stink, the more is distracts 'em.
Do the Nitro Girls like guys who play video games?
I just think the Nitro girls like guys who've got brains period. The thing you don't understand about the Nitro girls in they're smart and classy, so they're not gonna fall for the average guy.
Do you feel wrestling is more popular now than in the late 80's?
Oh definitely, it's more popular now because it's reaching so many more homes because of television. Television's the mainstream tidal wave that everybody's following.
When did you become a professional wrestling fan?
Since birth. I was born in South Carolina, and when you grow up in the south you can't help but be a wrestling fan.
If fans offered you a bat, stop sign, half a table, chair, or garbage can, which would you choose?
I'd use a bat, but I really don't need it. I'd just use the choke slam.
After a night of wrestling, do you hang out with any other wrestlers?
Oh yeah, I hang out with Hogan, 'cause Hogan's the one who always gets room service, no matter what time it is, and he orders a lot, and he always buys so I'm gonna follow Hulk. You know, he's the kid with all the toys.
Who has the weakest theme music in WCW?
Used to be Lex Luger. He had, without a doubt, the lamest theme music, and I was his tag team partner at the time, and we had to go out to Lex's music. I was almost embarrassed to come out to that.
What is your opinion of Raven's Rules?
I like 'em. I mean, he's a rebel, you know, he does his own thing, and he's making a name for himself. I'm a big fan of Raven. What about me?
How do you feel about the split of the nWo from within? Has it weakened wrestling?
I don't think it's weakened wrestling at all, I think it's given everybody different factions. I mean, you know, I'm loyal to Hulk period, and I love the nWo. I left WCW basically because of Kevin Nash. I don't like Kevin Nash. Him and I don't get along. Whether we look too much alike, whether we wrestle too much alike, whatever the deal is, he can be Big Sexy all he likes while I'll just be Big Attitude!
This is something else from that same article, called 'It Could Happen...'. In it, they give fantasy matches and ask the Giant who he thinks would win:
Ultimate Warrior and Disco Inferno vs. Kevin Nash and Rey Mysterio Jr.
I'd probably have to lean towards Kevin Nash and Rey Mysterio, simply because the Ultimate Warrior doesn't have a partner, and Disco Inferno, you know, he's really cute, but Rey Mysterio would beat Disco Inferno and I think Kevin Nash could hold his own against the Warrior.
Mean Gene vs. Tony Schiavone
Mean Gene would kick Tony Schiavone's ass.
Sting Red vs. Sting White
Sting White, without a doubt.
Cast of Days of Our Lives vs. Cast of All My Children
Oh, Days of Our Lives without a doubt. I'm a big fan.
Rodzilla & Malone vs. Leno & Letterman
Rodzilla and Malone, (laughs) they'd crush the two TV geeks.
Dean Malenko vs. Verne Gagne
I'd say Dean Melenko, I like Dean, he's a hard worker, more moves, the man of a thousand holds, and Dean's very good about keeping his emotions under control.
Elizabeth vs. Kimberly
Kimberly would beat the snot out of Elizabeth. Elizabeth is not a fighter. You know, Kimberly trains, works out, she's done a lot of fitness competitions. If it were a makeup contest, I'd probably say Elizabeth could put her makeup on a lot faster than Kimberly, but then again, Kimberly doesn't need that much makeup, so I don't know, either way, I'm in trouble on this question.
Goldberg vs. Steve Austin
Oooh...this is a good one. I think Goldberg's got the power, the raw intensity. Steve Austin's got experience, he's got technical wrestling ability that's far superior to a lot of our guys, and he's got a lot of heart...I'd really have to throw this one up in the air and say a draw.
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