Shasta debuts with the Big Show
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Shasta debuts with the Big Show
What are two great ways to improve ratings on a network?
1) Add a weekly World Wrestling Federation program to your lineup.
2) Get Federation Superstars to guest star on your other shows.
After UPN fulfilled premise No. 1 by adding SmackDown! to its Thursday night lineup, the network is now attacking the second part of the plan. The Big Show, aka Paul Wight, will be appearing on the premiere episode of "Shasta McNasty," airing at a special time of 9:30 p.m./8:30 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 30. Internet queen Cindy Margolis is also guest starring in the episode, and she’s scheduled to be ringside for the SmackDown! just prior as well!
"I like entertaining -- doing stuff like that," Wight said. "The bigger star I become, the better it is for the company."
The Big Show said "Shasta" features three rappers from Chicago who head to Venice Beach, Calif., for a recording contract. But when they arrive in Southern California, their record company is closed.
In the premiere episode, the three guys order a pizza, and rig their apartment’s elevator so the delivery boy takes 31 minutes to get there, and their pie is free. The problem is that the delivery guy is the Big Show. Since the guys are broke, they offer the 7-footer anything he wants in the apartment, even though Wight’s character has actually eaten all the pizza.
The show was taped recently in Los Angeles. The Big Show also filmed some commercials for it with Verne Troyer, who played Mini-Me in the "Austin Powers" sequel and will be appearing in a different episode of "Shasta." Wight said he and Troyer get into a mock scuffle in the commercials.
This isn’t the first acting experience for the Big Show, who appeared in the Adam Sandler comedy "The Waterboy." And it’s something the Tag Team Champion hopes to continue.
He said he’s currently negotiating with the ABC police drama "NYPD Blue," and he’s read for a part in the remake of "Shaft," starring Samuel L. Jackson.
"I want to broaden my horizons," Wight said. "You shoot for the moon, you might get a cloud."
But Big Show said he’s not trying to replace his Federation career with a movie and television career.
"I’m here for as long as Uncle Vince wants me around," he said.
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