Welcome to The Big Show's era
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Welcome to The Big Show's era
He's over seven feet tall. He weighs in excess of 500 pounds…
And yet, somehow, we've overlooked him. WWF.com has yet to have a commentary piece about the most surprising Champion since… um… ever.
I've got to admit, I was somewhat shocked that The Show won the gold at the Survivor Series. I mean, the guy is huge and all, but I didn't exactly see him as main event material heading into the Pay-Per-View. Maybe someday, but at the time, I figured that he'd be spending the rest of the year chasing around Prince Albert and the Big Boss Man.
When The Show was placed in the Championship match at Survivor Series, my eyes rolled back. It was one of those "one of these things doesn't belong" moments. Instead of Stone Cold, we were "stuck" with a superstar that had spent his time beating up Sho Funaki earlier in the night. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, he won the match, and the jaw of nearly every Federation fan dropped in unison.

Then RAW rolled around, and The Show had his first title defense. The match was against the British Bulldog, and if you blinked, you missed it. The seven-foot monster decimated the Mancunian in a matter of seconds, taking out all three members of the Mean Street Posse in the process.
Then it hit me. This guy is damn near unstoppable when he wants to be. Think Andre the Giant in his prime, only bigger. Stronger.
I went back and watched the Survivor Series match again, and I noticed that Triple H and The Rock had to constantly work together to keep The Big Show at bay… and they still wound up losing the match.
The way I see it, if the Big Show is firing on all cylinders, there are no superstars that can stand up to him. Take The Rock, for example. He's one of the top men in the company (not to mention, the entire industry)… and he's actually dwarfed by the current Champion! The People's Elbow is cool and all, but how in the heck is The Rock supposed to deliver it if he can't even knock The Show down?
About the only weakness in The Show that can be exploited is his humanity. The Big Boss Man has done a good job of this lately, and it's taken its toll on the Champion. If The Show can protect himself from such mental assaults, he'll be able to stomp just about anybody that dares to step in the ring with him.
Remember the old days when a Champion held a belt for years? That era may have returned, now that The Big Show holds the gold…
"…And that's the last word!"
Категория: Articles | Добавил: BIG_SHOW (2007-01-23) | Автор: Brian Lutz
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