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Worth the Weight
The Rock eyebrowed his way down the rampway, his legs and armska-chugging like a train's pistons. As he passed the rows of fans, he slapped a few high-fives, flashed a few sardonic grins, and panned the arena.
Suddenly, as The Rock reached the end of the runway, he paused. His face twisted into a snarl: Standing on the ring apron were The Big Show and The Undertaker.
The Rock is gonna show these evil twins just who's doing the cooking, The Rock thought. He gritted his teeth and stormed toward the rin ... where he was promptly greeted by Big Show's big boot.
Undertaker's eyes peered down as he pointed a finger at Rock, who was rubbing the people's chin.
"You're looking at the new face of evil," hissed Undertaker. "Now you will take two journeys into the bowels of hell. Tkae a good look at the second face of Satan."
Rock pulled himself off the floor. He pulled off his glasses, tilted his head in just that way, raised his brow in just that way, and delivered his message to The Big Show.
"You big, fat, ugly piece of crap," crowed The Rock while pointing a finger at the seven-footer. "You think you're evil? You ain't nothin'but a slimy 800-pound load of garbage!"
Show raised his eyebrows, then his fist. Shockingly, for a man taller then the average skyscraper, he leaped upon Rock before Rock could spring away.
And then evil, in all their hellish glory, reigned their fury upon the people's Champ.
* * *
The Rock was partly correct in his assessment of The Big Show: Paul Wight is big - 7'4" of towering bigness. He is no facsimile of Tom Selleck. Slimy? Well, do you really want to get that close to him?
But what The Big SHow is not, at least relatively speaking, is fat. There cerainly is not a lot of cellulite in that body.
"The Big Show is the sleekest most imposing force in all of sports entertainment today," said Jerry "The King" Lawler. "He is an undeniablepower who deserves more that he has gotten from the WWF."
What Show has gotten from the federation is a smattering of attention, a dash of respect, and a revolving fight card every night of the week.
All of which adds up to not a whole lot, essentially.
One moment Wight was a member of Vince McMahon's Corporation, then he was talking about teaming with Steve Austin, then he was one-fourth of The Union. Then he was fighting Kane and Undertaker, the he was teaming with 'Taker. His path has been obtuse, but that all may be changing with his new and inproved look.
"You know, a champion is not born - he is made," explained Hunter Hearst Helmsley, no stranger to gold belts. "I'm no real fan of The Big Show, but he and I share one common bond: We're both slaves to excellence. Look at what that beast has become in the last few months."
The Big Show has always been a wrecking machine, but now he's a sleeker faster wrecking machine. You may have noticed that Show is a bit thinner around the middle these day. Indeed.
Through a disciplined nutritional and exercise regimen, Show has dropped 60 pounds; he now tips the scaled at a trim (for someone seven feet tall!) 440 pounds.
That's the cruiserweight department for him.
There are other subtle changes in his appearance and habits that are noticeable to the trained eye. His hair is neatly bound in a ponytail. He is nearly always cleanshaven, save for a mustache and goatee. And you might notice that you don't see the man taller that a smokestack smoking like a smokestack anymore. Although he has not publicly declared himself cigarette-free, it is apparent by his work habits, his stamina, and his speed that he has, at the minimum, cut back dramatically.
"Sure looks like The Big Show has been spending more time in the gym then at the local watering hole," opined Jim Ross.
The Big Show remembers what it was like to be a champ. WCW fans remember he wrestled as The Giant, one of the most imposing figures to enter the sport simde Andre the Giant. The Giant captures a WCW World title and at one point was considered the most dangerous wrestler in the world.
Unfortunately, as his weight increased, his workout habits suffered and his stock plummeted. Once arguably the most popular wrestler in WCW, The Giant quickly was eclipsed by Bill Goldberg, Ric Flair, "Diamond" Dallas Page, and nearly every other wrestler who didn't enter the ring puffing on a Marlboro.
"He became a caricature of himself," said a former training partmer who wished to speak underterms of anonymity. "As he started to lose more and more matches, he also lost his self-somfidence, and he mo longer took care of himself. I was surprised MsMahon wanted him."
In Show, McMahon saw a bodyguard for empire. But McMahon misused and humiliated Wight, and that eventually cost him.
"I think The Big Show learned a lesson quickly. Now I expect big things from him," said Lawler.
Show learned that to be successful, you have to put in your reps, pick cottage cheese over mozzarella, and spurn a Stevewiser for mineral water. Thus fas, Show has done so successfully, and his new lifestyle has certainly caught Undertaker's eye.
"It's all about achieving your destiny," Big Show said recently, "and my destiny is not to be anyone's bodyguard, or to be second to anyone anywhere. The Big Show is going to kick some butt."
Where The Big Show will wind up is anyone's guess ... but it's a safe guess that he'll arrive wearing championship gold around his big waist.
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