Big Show must not go on
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Big Show must not go on
He's 7 ft. tall, weighs 500 lb. and you -- yes, you -- are expected to plunk down $34.95 for the privilege of watching him wrestle for the WWE championship next weekend.

Oh yeah, he's also horribly out of shape, completely useless in the ring and about as over with the crowd as D'Lo Brown.

Of course I'm talking about The Big Show and, maybe I'm preaching to the choir here, but Show (Paul Wight) is probably the single worst choice the WWE could have made for the headline slot at Survivor Series.

In fact, if it wasn't for the Elimination Chamber concept, the pay-per-view probably would be on course to do a rock-bottom buy rate.

The burning question is why the WWE is so intent on pushing an overweight has-been like Wight at the expense of a star who might actually be elevated.

To find the answer, we need to open up the history books.

In the late '90s, Wight enjoyed a surprisingly successful debut run in WCW.

Under the moniker of The Giant, he was a substantial drawing card for Eric Bischoff, helping push the company into pole position in the Monday Night Wars.

By 1999, the WWF was beginning to soar ahead of its southern rival, and when The Giant's contract expired, he became the hottest free agent in pro-wrestling history.

Desperate to steal a potential superstar from WCW, McMahon offered Wight a decade-long deal that guaranteed a seven-figure salary per year.

Wight graciously accepted, making his WWF debut at that year's St. Valentine's Day Massacre.

Unfortunately, the Titan Tower booking team wasn't sure what to do with their new monster heel and proceeded to kill his heat by placing him in some of the lamest gimmicks ever.

They then embarked on a trial-and-error attempt to get Wight over, which resulted in six heel/face turns and a failed world title reign in his first year alone.

Show himself wasn't blameless, gradually replacing muscle mass with cellulite and generally coming off as completely unmotivated.

Perhaps the guaranteed $19,000-a-week paycheque left little incentive to work out but his penchant for junk food and cigarettes became the talk of the locker-room and his waistline began expanding rapidly.

By the summer of 2000, Wight's physical condition became so bad the WWE sent him down to its minor-league farm system, OVW, to shed some pounds.

Big spent several months wrestling for around 300 fans in Ohio school gymnasiums, before McMahon -- getting increasingly desperate for some kind of return on his investment -- brought the Show back to the big time.

Since then, there's been a couple of half-hearted pushes for the friendly giant but he spent the majority of his time loitering in upper-midcard limbo.

Now, though, more than $3 million into the contract, the WWE is gearing up one last attempt to turn the Big Show into, well, the big show.

Last month, Wight was swapped to the Smackdown roster, where he'll be working under the watchful eye of Paul Heyman.

As Smackdown's head writer, Heyman has a magic touch for getting the best out of people -- he turned Brock Lesner from a complete unknown to a household name in a matter of months -- and hopefully he can help The Big Show find that main-event credibility that's eluded him for so long.

Heyman's alliance with Big Show might not be limited to behind the scenes either.

It seems like they're setting up a face turn for Lesner at the Survivor Series, leaving Paul E. to bring the crowd heat on his new 7-ft. charge.

I guess it's all in a day's work for the most overpaid wrestler in the business.

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