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Big Variety Show!
The Big Show has always dreamed of a career in Tinseltown. He admires the macho toughness of Clint Eastwood and John Wayne, but as those people close to him realize, he has a sensitive side, too.

It wasn't always easy being the biggest kid in class.

There's also The Big Show's fascination with screwball comedy, especially the Three Stooges. The sight of Larry poking Curly in the eye or Moe bludgeoning Larry with a mallet evokes more than a few nyuk-nyuks from Big Show.

Standing 6'2" and weighting 210 pounds at age 12, Big Show knew from an early age that his size would be his claim to fame. Unfortunately, there wasn't much of a demand for leading men that large unless he wanted to be the next Jolly Green Giant.

He ultimately decided wrestling would be the next best thing. Blesses with natural agility, he became WCW champ in his rookie year. He was skilled on the microphone, often introducing his NWO comrade Hollywood Hogan as if he were introducing Elvis Presley himself. He even made a humorous cameo appearance in The Waterboy, a very successful film starring Adam Sandler. It was a big gig for the big guy.

After he left WCW for the WWF, The Big Show struggled to find his niche. He joined The Corporation, turn fan favorite, became The Undertaker's apprentice, defended his deceased father's honor against Big Bossman, and finally won the WWF World title last November. He continued to be a major player and was involved in the fatal four-way World title match at WrestleMania 2000. After being the first man to be eliminated, The Big Show rethought his career again. He decided to pursue his lifetime dream of being an entertainer.

]"Why not?" asked The Big Show, with an amused expression. "Everybody promotes me as a big ho-ho-ho giant. It's a shame I've been stereotyped because of my size. Even my name, The Big Show, implies that's all I have to offer. Now is that fair? I don't see Chris Jericho being called The Short Show or Taka Michinoku being called The Japanese Show. There's more to me than just size. I mean, there's a lot more."

The Big Show has tried to prove that in recent months. He stole The Godfather's gimmick and dressed like a pimp prior to one match. He donned a brown wig and white towel and impersonated Val Venis before another. He even dressed like a homey and acted "Too Cool." When Grandmaster Sexay gave Big Show a less-than-favorable review, Show injured Sexay's knee and put him on the shelf for a few weeks. That's one way to silence the critics.

He admits his March 18 appearance on Saturday Night Live triggered his latest ambition. Show appeared as a supporting cast member - along with Triple-H, Mick Foley, and Vince McMahon - to play second fiddle to The Rocks. Many viewers thought The Big Show stole the show. It was all he needed to hear.

"When I heard the laughter and applause, I knew I couldn't suppress my talent any longer," Show explained. "That wouldn't be fair to all fans out there. I couldn't think about The Rock, the McMahons, WrestleMania, nothing. Pursuing an entertainment career had to be my top priority."

Fellow wrestlers, accustomed to Big Show's quiet demeanor, were surprised by his over-the-top humor and , depending on the music, rhythm.

"I never realized The Big Show was so witty, " commented Mick Foley, who appeared with Show on SNL. "Here's a guy who can do Elvis, do the jitterbug, and rap like he's from the 'hood. He can so anything. After that night on Saturday Night Live, although we were scheduled to be opponents, he would sing, do a quick dance, or tell jokes whenever I saw him. I thought, Gee whiz, this Big Show guy is all warm and fuzzy inside. Too bad I'll have to bash his brains in at WrestleMania."

The Big Show continued his media tour on March 24 as a guest on Late Night With Conan O'Brien. Show displayed the same lightheartedness on Conan that he did on SNL. He admitted to spending $20 or $30 at McDonald's in a typical visit. He also mentioned an incident in which, as a large-than-average 12-year-old, he was spotted kissing an 11-year-old girl at a school dance. The security officer at the roller rink apprehended the young boy, assuming he was an adult. No one doubts Show's charisma after that television appearance.

Back in the WWF, the McMahon's are tolerating his bizarre behavior. They figure The Big Show acting like a dancing fool might create interest. Shane McMahon, in particular, is said to hold The Big Show's talent in high regard.

The question remains: Would The Big Show leave the WWF for the big screen?

"The question is not 'Would I,'" he replied. "The question is 'When I.' It's only a matter of time before some hot shot producer sees me on Raw or Smackdown. They can put me in a musical, comedy, drama, action adventure - it doesn't matter. Hollywood, here I come!"

The Big Show's foray into big show business is promising. Now he's promoting spaghetti with jumbo-sized meatballs for Chef Boyardee. Foley, who advertises Chef Boyardee's oversized ravioli and has appeared in programs such as Boy Meets World and G vs. E, thinks Big Show is a born entertainer. "Right now, what he's doing is completely improve, with the wigs, music, and stuff. Big Show has to learn how to put himself in the hands of a director. He was a decent apprentice for The Undertaker, so it would be interesting to see how he would fare with James Cameron or Steven Spielberg. Those guys are much less evil, anyway."

Fortunately, The Big Show doesn't have to bus tables waiting for his break. In fact, he has more reason that most to keep the faith. After all, if he can make it in the WWF, he can make it anywhere.

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